Wednesday, March 05, 2008

[Mini Review] Lisa’s Take - Dzur (Steve Brust)

(What's up with this review?)

Somehow Steve managed to get this books onto the shelves with me having NO idea that it was coming out. The Book Squeal that was emitted when I saw it sitting at the book store cannot be captured in mere words – I was entirely ecstatic. Brust did not let me hopes down either; Dzur was really great. The descriptions of meal courses at Valabar’s just about killed me – it’s not fair to be eating a tuna fish sandwich when he describes those incredible dishes with such realism. The story was fantastic; like all Vlad novels, it was short, but it was also a return to some of Vlad’s swashbuckling ways, so it felt like putting an old, well worn glove back on.

My one problem with the book is that it had been… oh… maybe 3 years since I finished the other Vlad books, so I had a hard time remembering some of the finer plot points. Ah well – to me that just sounds like an excuse to re-read them all. It’s not like it would take long!

The Bottom Line: An exuberant thumbs up! But then, you probably knew that if you have any passing familiarity with this blog and my Brustian Fandom.

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