Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[Lisa's Take] Seed - Rob Ziegler

I really need to get a review written for Seed before it leaks out of my head, but it’s proving to be a challenging book to write about.

The setting is near-future post-apoc; some unnamed disaster has left huge portions of the country a barren desert, entirely unable to be cultivated. A corporation called Satori reigns supreme, handing out their genetically modified seeds, which are the only plants that can grow in the barren climate. The story follows two sets of characters: poor drifters working their way across the mid-west, trying to survive; and several makers within Satori who are responsible for making the seed, and who are also experimenting on the population.

The best word I can come up with to describe Seed is “stark.” It is a dusty, bleak story with strong characters, surprising betrayals, and a truly weird and original sci-fi-esque streak of living buildings. I can’t say I enjoyed the read… it was a little too depressing and desolate to truly enjoy. I did find the book compelling, however, and filled with extremely interesting concepts. I loved learning more about the world and characters, it just left me a little heart-achy.

I’d definitely recommend Seed, just know that you’re not getting into a shiny happy book. Well written and moving: yes. Idyllic happy ending: less so.